I love you!

Is it too early to say the three letter word? I hope not. For i am hopelessly in love with you. Its been a whole journey since i started my blog and the love and appreciation i have gotten on it is amazing. I went from having all these thoughts and nowhere to put them. …

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Just To Forget

Continued....... I'm seeing things in twos and threes.. I cant walk straight but i can dance... I love the feeling of the music as it flows around me. Thrumming through my system. The trickle of sweat on my hot skin is amazing and i let the music drive us deeper into the crowd to dance. …

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No One Gets An A CardiB These Marriages Are All OffSet

Now she just went and talked about all we would wanna talk about but are too scared to……

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All things Kathleen!

Ouch!!!! The sting of #CardiB’s recent IG post has some riddling their thumbs. I mean twiddling their thumbs. What happened? I mean just the other day she was like “where you going? Bring home a baddie. You know what momma like!” This after giving birth to a child. I hate to be the one to tell you sis, but no one gets an A. These marriages today are all #Offset!

I have to be honest. From watching the insanity that was TPain’s marital flooper to TIP & Tiny’s debauchery, I’m confused. And let’s not forget the potential jail I thought was a marriage. Insert vomiting emoji! My question is: Is one vagina not enough? I mean is one sexual preference no longer working out. It seemed to have worked for years and some married couples still use it. What the what is going on? As my granddaughter would say, what…

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